May 20, 2013

The Hangover

If ever I needed just ONE MORE reason to convince my kids NOT to do drugs, I found it this weekend!!

Talk about a H.A.N.G.O.V.E.R.!!!!!

Boy, did I have one.

Guess I'd better back up (I get ahead of myself a LOT on here).

Since my last post, I have held my head high and proudly not quite so reluctantly chosen to take my prescribed meds the way they are supposed to be taken.  They are also supposed to help me lose weight, a wonderful side effect, in my humble opinion.

While starting my meds, I was also introduced to the greatest fat sucker since leeches!!

(go to for more details)

Anyway, after doing my first detox wrap, I was instructed that I could not have ANY aspartame for 48 hours. . .you ARE joking, right????

So, after much discussion with my hubby. . .and a little bit of internet research, I decided it was time. . .

No more diet sodas. . .no more Crystal Light. . .even my sweet tea is now mixed with 1/2 water.

I was feeling soooooo good about myself!

Until the headache hit.

Oh. My.  Goodness.

The headache.
The head ACHE.

Of a lifetime.

THREE days of feeling like I'd been completely hit by a bus!!!!  And THIS is what that junk has been doing to my system????

So anyway, I have now been artificial sweetener (and mostly) caffeine free for four days now.

And, my meds are kicking in.

Today is looking good!!

(Did I mention I've lost 7 pounds and approx. 10 inches from the wraps???)

Life.  Is.  Good.

Prayers are appreciated!!  :)

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Piper Stephens said...

Owww hate that type of headache!!! Praying for you as your meds begin to work! I pray you begin to find normal (whatever that is) in the days ahead.
Love ya!