July 2, 2013

Still Depressed. . .But Loving Life!!

So, if you follow my blog posts at all, you will recognize the title pretty quickly.  

As you recall, God led me on a divine appointment with my family doctor, who quickly saw straight through me and informed me that I was suffering from depression.

(I have no idea what made her think that--I guess she's not used to blubbering idiots showing up in her office.  lol)

Okay, so maybe I didn't look THAT bad, but it was pretty close!!

Anyway, with my prescriptions in tow, I set out to make some changes in my life.

Am I still depressed??

You bet.

And I'm going to go out on a limb and say I probably always will be.

But, as long as God gives us chemists to keep my brain functioning properly, I can actually function as a real person.

Here's the update:

Yes, my children are being well fed and bathed!  (Maybe not always wonderful home-cooked meals--if you really know me, you'll understand that--but it's ME feeding them, not their dad!!)

As a matter of fact, I went to the Vacation Bible School family night without complaining and actually STAYED UNTIL DARK without complaining!!  OMGosh, that is HUGE for me!!!  (Don't tell the folks I go to church with--I usually hide stuff like that pretty well)

I took the kids to the "Crackle Bear" for breakfast (Harley's request) by myself (and enjoyed it!!)

We've been hitting the pool often!  I've actually discovered that I can "jog" in the water quite easily.  So, the exercise has helped, too!

I've given up my Diet sodas, my "diet" anythings, and anything that contains any trace of aspartame.  (That was huge and I can tell a big difference in the way I feel!)  I now water my regular sodas down or go for tea--half and half.

And, I've lost 19 pounds to date.

I feel wonderful.  I still get tired.  I still get cranky.

But at least I feel NORMAL.

And I'm loving it!!!

Hi, my name is Lynn Mull and I suffer from Depression.  But I do NOT suffer BECAUSE of it!!

All the Praise be to God!!

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