March 31, 2015

I'm Back in the Game!

I've been thinking a lot about previous blog entries that I've made and I remembered how blogging is a great outlet for me.  I'm thinking it may be time to jump back in.

And, at this particular point in my life, I cannot think of a better time.

My life has changed drastically in the past month.  After being challenged by some colleagues at work, I jumped in head-first into a lifestyle I had no idea I would soon embrace so wholeheartedly.

I am now a 21-Day Fix junkie.

Yes, I confess.  I bought into it.  Hook.  Line.  And sinker.

But there is a reason.

After 33 days, I am down 11 pounds and 9 total inches.  I feel awesome.  I am gaining strength I had long forgotten I had.  I'm doing little things like going down steps unassisted and bending straight over to touch my toes again.  I can SEE my toes again!  And it feels wonderful.

Thankfully, my awesome hubby has fully embraced the program as well, seeing as he does all of the cooking in our house.  He has really taken on the challenge of keeping the kids happy and making sure I stay in line with my program.  

And, as unusual as it may sound, my kids have also totally embraced it.  God is just so good.  It is so hard to be healthy in today's society.  Big Macs and Super-size fries are the norm, not the special occasion.  Salads are frowned upon unless they have gobs of Ranch dressing oozing from the side.  

But, I digress.  

Am I perfect.  Heck no!  

Have I cheated?  Yes.  (and you are allowed one cheat meal a week)

Want to know more?  You are in luck!  I have also agreed to become a BeachBody Coach.  You can come see me as soon as my "online office" goes online.  I will check back in tomorrow with that information.

Just taking God at his word:

Yeah, it feels good to be behind the dashboard again.  Really good.


Piper said...

You go girl!! I will keep you in my prayers as you forge ahead!!

Lora Austin said...

You are my hero! I'll work on these same things, too!!!