April 14, 2012

Must All Good Things REALLY Come to an End??

Only one more day, then back to the grind.
Where does time go?  Seriously. . .I want to find it and bring it back!

We had a great spring break--doing not much of anything, but enjoying it all the same.

Here's the quick breakdown:

First, there was Easter Sunday. . .the kids were so cute.  They refused to pose for their picture without our newest family addition, Tippy.

After church on Sunday at our home church, Winkler's Grove, we went to Mount Home in Morganton to see the Hoppers, one of my favorite singing groups!! 

We hadn't heard them in a very long time, so we felt quite blessed to be there.

Of course, you can't possibly have an entire week off without spending at least one Mommy Day with the princess!!  We hung out all day, did a little shopping, spent some time with the coloring books, then headed to C*Ci's for dinner. 

She is growing up wayyyyy to fast!!!

And, of course there was four-wheeling. . .

I think what I will miss most, though, are all of the mornings spend sleeping in!!

Aahhhh. . .the life!

Summer is just around the corner. . . .  :D

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