November 19, 2012

God's Little Blessings

I absolutely could NOT resist posting this!!

Yesterday, as part of my Sunday School lesson, I provided my second graders with a picture of a turkey that looked similar to this one:

I asked them to fill in each feather with something they are thankful for.

So, as I'm looking over their shoulders to see some of the things they wrote, I noticed that one child had written, very plainly, "My Allergys." (her spelling, not mine)

After some thought, this was the conversation that followed:

Me:  Ummm. . ., Sweet Girl, you are thankful for your allergies??

Sweet Girl:  Oh, yes, Mrs. Lynn!!

Me:  Ummmm. . .that's kind of unusual.  Do you mind telling me WHY
        you are thankful for your allergies??

Sweet Girl:  Becaaauuussseeeee. . .when you have allergies, and you go
                    to DisneyWorld, you get special desserts!!!

(Said in her best, WELL, DUH voice. . .)

Geez, I should've known!!

What a blessing that God could make even something as yucky as allergies be a blessing through the eyes of a child.

Oh, how I love her!!!  :-)

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