February 11, 2013

February's Blessings

Okay, so. . .my day of silence on my last post slipped into a week. . .where did the time go this weekend?? 

Oh, yeah. . .basketball tournaments, a great Sunday School lesson on sharing, a funeral that was better than many church services, and several episodes of F*ll House to appease the little one. . . whew!!

(Oh, and have I mentioned that I got a new refrigerator this weekend!!!???  Woot!!  Woot!!)

Okay, still counting my blessings~~~

February 6th:

3 gifts found outside

~~Tyler practicing his basketball skills, shooting hoops in the backyard


~~a wonderful recess time to share and reflect with my teammates

February 7th:

a gift at 11:30am~a nap with my Harley-bug (we had to stay home because she was sick with the stomach yuckies)

a gift at 2:30pm~a chance to do laundry during the middle of the day instead of having to wait until what feels like midnight, or even worse, the weekend

a gift at 6:30pm~more loving time with my Harley-bug and Tippy while the boys were off to basketball practice

February 8th:

a gift broken~my heart at some of the situations my son is dealing with. . .oh how painful growing up can be sometimes!

a gift fixed~my new microwave installed and ready to use!!

a gift thrifted~my refund check for the kids' dental checkups a few weeks ago arrived in the mail today--whoopee!!

February 9th:

3 surprise gifts--unexpected grace!!

~~my teammate treating me to dinner before the Valentine's dance on Friday night

~~Harley-bug being in a GREAT mood and having her BEST listening ears on at Tyler's first game

~~going to buy M&M's for my Sunday School lesson this week and discovering they were on SALE. . .oh, yeah, baby!

February 10th:

3 times I heard laughter today

~~my sweet Sunday School babies. . .I do love them so!

~~during Mr. Jay's funeral. . .so wonderful to be able to show joy during a time of sorrow

~~at last night's drama practice. . .everyone seemed genuinely happy to be there and ready to practice

February 11th:

3 gifts in working

~~wonderful colleagues

~~dedicated prayer partners

~~fifteen chatty, but smiling, kiddos that make me laugh always!

Have you been blessed today???

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