February 24, 2013

Thoughts for My Tyler

My Sweet Boy. . .

My head and heart are overwhelmed with emotion tonight as I know you are heading into the unknown tomorrow morning.

I know that, even though you have shown no resistance to change, you are nervous, hesitant, maybe even a little angry that your dad and I have chosen to move you to a new school, with new friends, new surroundings, and a new teacher.

Son, one day, hopefully, you will have children of your own.  You will want what is best for them.  You will hurt when they hurt, try to teach them right from wrong (and cry because, yes, it really does hurt us more than it hurts you), and make tough decisions.

As you go through life, no matter your age or your circumstance, don't ever make those same decisions lightly.  Talk with God.  Read His word.  Pray.  Then pray some more. 

Make sure that the Lord tells you unconditionally what He wants for you.  When you follow Him and His desires for you, you will find this to be absolute truth:

I must admit. . .I am excited, almost giddy, with excitement that you will be with me during the day.  That I can check in on you and see your smiling face throughout the day.  That I know what is expected of you and that I know that your teacher is a strong and Godly woman (as are the other teachers on her team!)

I am nervous about you heading into the unknown.  I am nauseous with worry about you making new friends (especially the kind of friends that God would want for you).

But, I have given all of that to Him.  I trust Him completely.  I have complete peace about his move, and I know without a shadow of a doubt that your dad and I have made the right decision.

I love you, buddy. . . .go get 'em tomorrow!!  And please, never, ever forget:

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Piper said...

Awesome Lynn!! Decisions are not always easy. But, you have done the best thing for him, you have given it to the Lord! And he will do great! Prayers for both you and Randy and Tyler!
Love ya!