February 5, 2013

Focus on Him in February

February 1st:

3 gifts red:

~~seeing the sea of "red" wandering our hallways in school in recognition of National Heart Day

~~bowling shoes!!  Our principal took us bowling after school today as a faculty treat. . .We had a blast!!!

~~ big red letters at H.H. Gr*gg. . .a sign that the Mulls are getting a new refrigerator--something that has been nearly 18 years in the waiting!!  I CAN'T WAIT!!!!

February 2nd: 

3 gifts on paper:

~~remember that new refrigerator I mentioned?  Yeah, I think it bears repeating!

photo from designerappliances.com
~~coloring with my baby girl. . .she is growing up wayyyy too fast

~~my new scripture that I am working on memorizing

February 3rd:

3 gifts found in writing:

~~this word on the whiteboard in my Sunday School class

   along with a reminder that we need to focus on what we are doing for Him TODAY rather than wallow in yesterday or worry about tomorrow.  What a blessing I needed to hear.
~~an announcement in our church bulletin that it's time for Easter Drama practice to begin. . .it is amazing to watch God work through our drama. . .

~~many of my Facebook posts proclaiming love for Christ and sharing blessings shared in their lives. . .so uplifting
February 4th:

3 gifts found when bent down:

~~new shoes!  Being on my feet most of the day can be torture, so I finally invested in a pair of D*nskos.  My feet are thanking me already!

~~my case of Diet P*psi hidden under my desk : )  I keep them just in case of a caffeine "emergency."  Sshhh.

~~two of my favorite people playing L*gos

February 5th:

~~a gift stitched:  my warm and cozy blanket that I sewed by hand. . .yes, you read that correctly, I made it by hand and during the winter time, I am soooo blessed by it.  (I will try to post a picture of it in the very near future)

~~Tyler got a brand new suit and he is walking on air!!  He is so much like his daddy--he loves dressing up and looking sharp.  He wasn't too happy about Mom making him strike a pose, though.  I just kept reminding him that every girl's crazy about a sharp dressed man!

~~a gift hammered:  my hubby pounding on the cabinets to work on installing my new over-the-range microwave (I am sooooo LOVING this new kitchen makeover!)

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Piper said...

Lovin' your lists!!
And I am soo jealous...I would love a new fridge!!