February 7, 2012

February Faithfulness

Friday, February 3rd:

Three gifts found in writing:

1)  My lesson plans.  With so many people not being able to find work these days, I am so blessed to have a job doing what I love.  My lesson plans just remind me that I am truly where I am meant to be in life.

2)  Watching Tyler fill out the Valentines for his class.  His handwriting is so sloppy, bless his heart.  I wonder if that means he may be destined to become a doctor. . .

3)  My Bible study, "Believing God" has really pushed my spiritual limits.  I am having to dig deep to be able to express what I believe, why I believe it, and work on increasing my faith in God. . .something I desperately need!
Saturday, February 4th:

Three gifts found when bent down:

1:  The numbers on the scale have been decreasing.  As of Saturday, God has relieved me of eight pounds.  I am believing in Him to help me continue to get rid of the rest! 

2:  H.'s hugs & kisses.  She is soooo precious.  And there are some moments that she is such a loving little thing!  Growing up way too fast!

3:  Food in my cabinets.  Something I take for granted when there are people who don't have cabinets, much less food to put in them.

Sunday, February 5th:

one gift stitched~The quilt on my bed.  I made it by hand myself, a hidden talent I didn't realize I had.  But moreso than that, I was sooo determined to finish it, it was do or die!  I'd love to see that determination in my weight loss!

one hammered~Having a roof over my head and knowing that no one can ever take it away from me or from my children.

one woven~Warm shawls to wear to church on cold winter nights.

Monday, February 6th:

Three gifts found outside

1}  the few breaks of sunshine in a foggy, depressing day   

2}  the crisp, cool air. . .reminding us that nature is slumbering, preparing to come to life soon (and that it's not too late for snow!)

3}  the full moon. . .As dreaded as it is for any classroom teacher, you cannot deny that its beauty comes from God.

Tuesday, February 7th:

Three gifts red

1]  The blood of Christ that gives me salvation and everlasting life

2]  The words of Christ found in my Bible written in red

3]  The hair color of M., a student in my class.  I have a tough group this year, but she is always in the best mood, has a wonderful smile, and jumps in to help me do anything I need without complaint.  I just love her!

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