February 12, 2012

Sick, but Blessed

So, here I sit.

I should be heading into our Sunday morning preaching services.

Instead, I am piled up in my recliner (a blessing in itself as I have been in bed the past 36 hours!) with my trusty quilt, my glass of ginger ale, and my box of Kleenex.

I've had the crud.

I know now why people call it that!

So, anyway, I thought while I was here in peace and quiet, sneezing, coughing, and watching "The Brady Bunch," I'd catch you up on my February blessings. . .

Wednesday, February 8th:

a gift broken:  my spirit. . .right now everything about my job it up at arms, including the possibility that I might have the same group of kids next year that I have now.  I've lost many hours of sleep over this, as I have some very difficult students this year. . .

a gift fixed:  my spirit . .I have resigned to turn my job and the issues that go with it over to God and allow Him to direct my paths, regardless of what the future holds.

a gift thrifted:  being fortunate enough to be able to give things to others who are in need. . .and finding my own thrifty bargains for my kids!!F

Thursday, February 9th:

three gifts that were surprises--unexpected graces!!

1)  Finding out that my principal is going to order iPad2's for all of the teachers--Whhooppeee!!!

2)  My kids were unusually good to me today. . .thanking Him for small favors!!

3)  The introduction to the crud--which has only gotten worse, and forced me to slow down!

Friday, February 10th:

three times I heard laughter today--

1:  listening to H. & her daddy giggling while brushing her teeth this morning

2:  hearing the audience cracking up during "Alvin & the Chipmunks:  Chipwrecked"-- Randy & I took Tyler to the movies for an unexpected surprise!

3:  Preacher Paul, Kim, Perry, Tina, and our family laughing all the way down the street at finding each other watching a movie as silly as "The Chipmunks" together!!

Saturday, February 11th:

three gifts found in working:

This was kind of tough, as I spent my morning watching Tyler's last basketball game, then went straight to bed and stayed there until Sunday morning!

So, I looked back at "working" in general, as opposed to just today--

1} being blessed to have a job
2} having a job that, for the most part, I know I was destined to do
3} knowing that the people I work with are good, Christian people and are like my family

Sunday, February 12th:

three hard eucharisteos

"eucharisteo"-- "to give thanks"

1.  It is very hard to give thanks for being sick, but I am grateful that my sickness is not worse than it is.

2.  It is very hard to give thanks for God taking my mother when I was so young, but I know that I will see her again and my questions will be answered someday.  I am thankful that she isn't suffering anymore.

3.  It is very hard to give thanks for Randy walking out on Tyler and me about six years ago.  But, had he not, none of my family would have found true salvation or a home at my current church. . .what a blessing!!!


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Becky Biddy said...

Sorry you are feeling so rotten. I am praying for you. Hope you get to feeling better soon.