February 3, 2012

God's Girl's Journey Continues

"It's been long journey, but I have been blessed. . ."

That song rings so true in my life lately.

I've officially lost 8 pounds.

It was up to ten, but we splurged on L*ttle Ca*sars this week.

Although I shouldn't splurge, I know that the only way I can ever be successful is to allow everything, but in extreme moderation.

I've also begun drinking my water.  YUCK!!!!  I do NOT like water!

But, I've been doing it.

The thing is, though, even though I've lost only eight pounds, I am feeling so EMPOWERED by God and His grace. 

EMPOWERED was the key word for week one in Made to Crave (MTC).

At first, I laughed, but as more time goes on and I continue to ask God to walk with me through my struggle, I am finding that more than ever I am feeling empowered to keep on going!

I've started walking down the hallways a little quicker, and with my head held a little higher.

I feel better.

And I know that before long, the scales will start to catch up with the success I already feel inside.  God is good.

He is who He says He is, and He will do what He says He will do.

And when I humbly and earnestly ask Him to help me get healthy, I know, without a shadow of a doubt, that He will give me what I need to do just that!


P.S.~Thank you so much to everyone for the comments, texts, emails, and kind words.  They help me more than you could ever possibly know. . .and God always has you to send them at just the right moments!!  May He richly bless each of you!!!


Anonymous said...

WOOO Hooooo on the 8 lbs Friend!!!! and Oh how I know the water stinks... but i think its kinda growing on me... lol WE CAN DO THIS!!!!!! love ya

Anonymous said...

I am proud of you sweet girl. You can do, you can do it. With God all things and I mean all things are possible. Defeat is not a word we will use unless it is telling the evil one he will not and cannot defeat us, for we are a child of the King, The Most High, Yaweh, Savior Lord, King of Kings. Keep it up I am already thanking him for what he is going to do through you and for you. Trish.