February 2, 2012

January Joys, February Faithfulness

Monday, January 30:

Three old things seen new

1)  God's word.  My Monday night Bible study has been such an eye-opening experience for me.  I am learning more and more how to give myself into believing God completely.

2)  My job.  The kids in my classroom have been very difficult this year.  Every Monday is a chance to see them in a new light, and a chance to prayerfully change how our week will go.

3)  Report cards.  Uggg.  But yay!!!  My babies have made so much growth this year in reading and math.  I am so proud of them!

Tuesday, January 31st:

a gift found on a paper: My water bill was wayyyy down this month.  Every little bit counts!

in a person: My principal, Mrs. Amos is a true blessing to me.  I thank God for a boss who is a true, genuine believer in God, His word, and prayer.  I also appreciate the fact that se is very understanding where family is involved.  There aren't many people that can say that about their administrators!!

in a picture:  This is my Believing God bracelet.  I got it from Nikki at Marchese Creations, which is found at www.etsy.com.  I was thrilled when I found out that she could make me a Carolina blue one!!!  It should arrive in the mail later this week!

Wednesday, February 1:

a gift found at 11:30pm~Lunch time!!  And time to catch up with my teammate Marti. . .she's going to the Believing God Bible study with me--Love it!!

a gift found at 2:30pm~The bell rang for my kids to go home.  Enough said.  (It's been a long week!)

a gift found at 6:30pm~Walking into my church! I am so very blessed to have such a wonderful church home and church family where you can absolutely feel the presence of God as soon as you walk through the door.

Thursday, February 2nd:

Three things overheard today, all gifts

1}  that I should be nominated for Teacher of the Year. . .that made me feel pretty good!

2}  Tyler telling me how much he loves me under his breath, thinking I wouldn't hear.  (He's too big to say it out loud anymore, ya know??)  He's the best!

3}  H. squealing at daycare before I even get to the door to get her.  She was having a blast!!

What has blessed you today?

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