November 10, 2011

It's H's World, We Just Live in It!!

This is H.

She cracks me up.  She is definitely the one who keeps our house in stitches!  There just aren't enough words to describe our little Princess, so I'll tell you about her in pictures.  There are lots of things I admire about H. . .

She just views life as a breeze. . .no cares, no worries.  I wish I could keep it that way for her forever.
She is certainly the most fashionable member of the family. . .

Whether she is
choosing her own clothes,
like here.........

Or out on a mission,
like she is here.

Either way, Princess is always styling and profiling!!

She also knows how to take it easy, though.

But don't be fooled. 
Living with a Princess is not always easy. 
Just take a look at these:

Ah, yes, when we do not get our way, we make sure that everyone remembers just WHO is the Princess--after all, it is HER world that we live in, isn't it!!??

But, there are things that I so wish I could learn from her. . .

She has no fear of taking on something new...

She has such a beautiful innocence about her. . .

But, most of all, she just makes our family COMPLETE!! 

1 comment :

Elaine said...

I love my little H-bug! I'm going to need her to marry one of sons!