November 14, 2011

The Princess is Sick!! The Princess is Sick!!


Have you ever had one of those days? 
You aren't really in the mood to complain. . .
But you aren't really hanging from the chandeliers, either.

That's my today.

Just plain ordinary.  Nothing exciting.  Nothing dramatic.

H. has been sick.  I was really scared for her on Friday.  But, the doctor just said we had a really bad respiratory infection, and to wait it out.  She was so pitiful.

So we made a big pot of soup. . .

Vegetable. . .Yummy!!!

And then we gave the Princess a bubble bath. . .

(Eventually I'll learn how to turn these around, I promise!)

. . .complete with a bubble mohawk!

And, then, we took silly pictures, just to get her to laugh.  We hadn't heard her laugh in three days, so everyone was getting a little depressed.  Just a few of our cheer-H-up silly pictures:

T's ear.  Really, son, don't you wash those things???

And T's bellybutton. . .

Daddy's eye (this one creeps me out a bit!)

                                                     And here's Daddy's mouth. . .

And H. and Mommy just being plain silly:

Geez. . .the things we will do just to make our kids happy!

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