November 11, 2011

My Sweet, Sweet Boy

I devoted yesterday's post to H.  Today, I want to introduce you to T.

This. . .is T.

My firstborn.

The one who makes me proud.

The one who keeps me grounded.

The one who is definitely Momma's!!

T. is involved in all kinds of stuff. . .but he loves his sports!
And, I must admit, he's pretty good at them.

Baseball. . .

But, best of all. . .

Ohhhh. . .how his Mommy LOVES those Saturday morning football games!!  And he ALWAYS makes me proud!!

There is even his Harry Houdini impression. . .that was for the 3rd grade Wax Museum.  He was the only one in his class that memorized his entire speech. 

Did I mention his driving skills?

Or his love for style and fashion?

But, what I love most about T., is his silly side. . .

And his love for Jesus.

I tried forever to turn these around, until I finally just gave up  : )

And that he is a wonderful big brother.

And the fact that, simply put, he is Momma's boy.

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Deidre said...

Love the blog. You'll never regret it - make the time to post - especially about your kids. It's neat to go back and read old posts. Better than a scrapbook :)