January 29, 2012

January Joys

Boy, have I gotten behind!!

Behind in POSTING, mind you, not in noticing God's blessings!!

This one may get a little lengthy, so I'm going to avoid as many photos as I can. . .

I just want to share all that God has BLESSED me with in 2012!!

Tuesday, January 24:

3 Things Blue--

1}  My trusty van. . .it's getting a little older, a little more lived in and worn, but it runs great, gives us great times together as a family, and is kind of like our home on the road!!

2}  Tyler's Carolina blue teddy bear~~yes, he's too old to be playing with stuffed animals, but his MeeMaw gave it to him as a reminder that she is a SURVIVOR of breast cancer!!  (H. got a pink one, but she didn't think Tyler would want pink!).  We are so blessed to still have her with us and to have her well!!

3}  My "Believing God" bracelet. . .we tied these on as part of our Beth Moore study we just started:
 It serves as our constant reminder that we are BELIEVING in HIM to do what He says He will do!!!  (I'm going to find me a prettier one, though!)

Wednesday, January 25th:

One grace borrowed:  I borrow "pins" from people all the time on my new favorite website, Pinterest.  I know you might not think that qualifies as a blessing, but in the teaching field, any ideas that I can find to help me get more from my babies is definitely a blessing. . .plus, I have found lots of uplifting quotes and scriptures on there as well!  You should check it out!

One grace found:  I found a gift bag with my name on it when I came into church Wednesday night.  My Secret Encourager had remembered my birthday!!!  I got a beautiful calendar to use at school & an awesome pair of earrings!!

One grace inherited: Today I really appreciate my love for reading.  And that, I have definitely inherited from my mother.  She spent many hours reading and writing letters to family members.  I could find her reading anything from books to magazines, you name it, she read it.  And she passed that love along to me. . .which I use to learn as much as I can about Christ and what He wants for me!

Thursday, January 26th:

A gift before 9am:  A stomach bug & a migraine. . .a gift, you ask?  YES!!  I am working really hard on making some healthy life changes.  The stomach bug actually helped me lose a few pounds to add to my cause!!  I was feeling pretty rough, though, which leads me to my next blessing. . .

A gift before noon:  Sleep.  Sleep.  And more sleep.  Finally the sickness subsided and I was able to rest.

A gift after dark:  Feeling well enough to spend some time with my kids before they went to bed.  And being able to choke down a few bits of food and keep them there was a blessing, too!

Friday, January 27th:

3 gifts that might never have been:

1)  My marriage.  Randy & I split up for a time. . .looking back, I realize it was all in God's great timing.  During that split,

2)  Randy's salvation came.  I know without a doubt that we will see each other in Heaven and I never have to lose a moment's sleep about it.

3)  My sweet H.  Had God not intervened in our marriage and put the pieces back together the way only He could do, my sweet H. would not be here with us today.

Saturday, January 28th:

Three graces found in my friends:

1)  My new "partner" for my Made to Crave Bible study. . .I will explain that in my next "God's Girl" post!!

2)  A wonderful women's breakfast at church on the morning of my birthday

3)  My sweet friend Piper, for always, always, making sure that not a day goes by that she sends me encouragement for my struggle to becoming healthy.  I'm sure she has no idea what that means to me!

Sunday, January 29th:

A song heard:  Preacher Paul sung "Somebody's Praying" in our morning service.  That song always makes me so thankful for praying grandparents!  And it never fails to give me Godbumps. . .

A soft word:  Jesus tenderly speaking to my heart reminding me that I can do all things through him!  (even say no to ice cream!)

Where I saw light:  In the hearts of two newly saved Christians!!  We had two precious souls saved at church this morning.  It is always such a heartwarming experience to see new souls come to know Him!

Whew!!  I told you today's post would be long!! 

Already working on the next post about my weight journey. . .hang tight, it'll post before you know it!


Anonymous said...

Sweet sweet Lynn. This was an awesome post. You are so gifted beyond measure with the way you put your thoughts in print. This is truly a God given gift. Never take it for granted and I don't think that you will. Thank you for telling me you love me, I love you to girl. You are truly a inspiration to me. Keep on with your weight loss you can do this, after all you are God's girl.Trish

Anonymous said...

Im so proud of you!!!! and weight lost is weight lost even if it is during a stomach bug lol... love you and keep up the good work!!!! Basketball ends next week which will give me some time to maybe do some walking *wink*

Piper said...

Love these posts Lynn... and thank you for the sweet words. I told you that I would pray for you and that I am here for you! God is doing a great work in you! Fight!! and Finish what He has started in YOU!!

Love ya~~