January 23, 2012

January Joys Keep Growing

Friday, January 20th:

three gifts I saw only when I got close-up

1)  Harley's fingers.  She just got a new InnoTab:
Photo borrowed from VTech.com
It's kind of like an i*ad for kids.  She LOVES it.  But the amazing thing to me is to watch her fingers.  They are so tiny yet she has complete control and knows exactly how to maneuver her games to get what she wants.  Only God could make something so tiny work so perfectly.

2)  my weight issue

Yes, I consider it a blessing.

Until I started my "Made to Crave" study, I had never taken the time to look closely at how my decisions in what I choose to put into my body can affect my relationship with God.  By spending some time closely examining myself and my weight issues, I am finding a much more fulfilling walk with my Heavenly Father.

3)  popcorn

We pulled out the Whirly-Pop Friday night to nibble and watch a movie together.  I was showing the kids how the popcorn starts to "pop."  Have you ever seen a corn kernel "pop"?  Do you think that is something man could've come up with???  I think not!!  Even the simplest things can come directly from God!  (And by the way, Lord, I think your popcorn invention was brilliant!!)

Saturday, January 21:

one thing in the sky:  stars

I am always fascinated by stars.  My grandma used to tell me that the stars were actually people in Heaven watching over us as we sleep.  Now, I know that isn't true, but you know, sometimes it is interesting to think that those who are already with Jesus really are twinkling above and watching over me like my guardian angels. 

Just saying. . .

one thing from my memory:

I got to watch several of my former students play basketball on Saturday morning.  We were actually there for Tyler's game and didn't realize that they were playing after us.  Anyway, it was great to take a stroll down memory lane while watching each of my guys play their hearts out.  They are such great kids!

one thing that's ugly-beautiful:

My sweet friend Deidre has been out of town.  Actually, she's been hangin' out with the Siestas in Houston, Texas.  And with the tummy bug to boot.  We had both entered a contest on another blog but had trouble getting our comments to stay put.  Since she was on a plane, I re-entered her name for her (I felt bad that she couldn't do it from the Friendly Skies) and, get this--the lucky duck won!!! 


She actually won!!!

I think that qualifies as ugly-beautiful, don't you??  :-)

Sunday, January 22

one grace wrinkled:

Tyler's bed.  He tosses and turns and tosses and turns.  I love to watch him sleep.  He is so peaceful, even though it looks like he has participated in a WWW match while he slept.  Making up his wrinkly bed today was just one more reminder of how much I love him!

one grace smoothed:

My quilt that I made.  It is the first one that I have ever made and I stitched it completely by hand. 

Yes, by hand.

I was soooo pleased with myself!!

It lies on my bed, smoothed out and a reminder that I can do anything I set my mind to, as long as I have God's blessing and help!

one grace unfolded:

That would have to be my printout that I use to remind me what blessings I am supposed to be looking for each day.  I keep it folded up and inside my Bible bag so that it is closeby at all times.  Keeping track of my blessings has been such a gift from God!

Monday, January 23

Three gifts found in Christ

1)  the reminder to BELIEVE in His word!!!

2)  the power to stay on my "life changing plan" all day

3)  Mee Maw--He has been her divine healer of breast cancer. . . .twice!

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