January 12, 2012

Joys of January Continued

January 11th:

Three yellow things that strike you as a fresh mercy:

1)  my Bojangles' sweet tea

2)  Our state math assessments are printed on goldenrod paper. . .what a breath Jesus blew on me when I started scoring paper with perfect scores!

3)  My sweet, sweet friend, co-worker, and prayer warrior Jill Beshears.  She is a true God-sent angel to me, and she was wearing a yellow shirt today!!

Thursday, January 12th:

With the events taking place in Hildebran and George Hildebrand yesterday, today's mercies were unusually easy to come up with.  A tornado swept through Burke County leaving many people without homes to return to.  One family from church completely lost their home and all their belongings.  Our family is so blessed to be safe and to have shelter.  God is good.

1>  Something above me:  no question. . . the roof over my head.

2>  Something below me:  my basement that gives me refuge during bad weather and provides my family with a safe place to go to wait out the storms.

3>  Something beside me:  my sweet boy, who just turned nine, and happens to be sitting beside me in his daddy's recliner.  We are watching "Scooby-Doo" together, laughing, and just enjoying being together.

Prayers are going up to all of the victims of the storms in the county. 

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