January 28, 2013

January Blessings

January 23rd:

3 gifts found in Christ:

~~grace new each and every morning

~~my salvation

~~His word and His promises that always provide me comfort

January 24th:

3 things blue:

~~the eyes of a dear friend who took time to let me unload today. . .I thank
    God every day for putting our lives on the same track. . .

~~feeling blue today after something pretty big went down with one of my      
    kids. . .just another reason to get down on my knees and rebuke the enemy

~~my most comfy nightgown. . .which, after today, I was more than happy to
   get into and snuggle down for a long winter's nap

January 25th:

a grace borrowed~a ride home from school for Tyler since we were dismissed
   early & I wasn't able to come pick him up on time

a grace found~an extra day to spend time hanging out with the kiddos.
    We "found" the time when an ice "storm" decided to send us home from  
    school early!  :)

a grace inherited~my love for Jesus from watching my dad's parents --  my
   PawPaw was a deacon in the church and both he and my MawMaw

January 26th:

a gift before dawn~turning over to find my sweet Tippy-girl snuggled around
   my neck--I love that dog!!

a gift at noon~seeing the sunshine come out so that all that nasty ice would

a gift after dark~finding a "Duck Dynasty" marathon. . .happy, happy, happy!

January 27th:

3 gifts in the kitchen

(okay, so anyone that knows me, really knows me, STOP LAUGHING!!!!)

The kitchen is NOT where I need to spend my time, especially if I want my family to live and I do not want my house to burn down.

~~a beautiful pink birthday cake that my kiddos (with a little help) made me for
   my birthday

~~the huge stack of pancakes my hubby whipped up after church. . .better
   than IH*P, I tell ya!

~~the dinner table, where we share laughs, day's events, troubles, and just
   time as a family

January 28th:

3 graces found in friends

~~daily laughter, smiles, and encouragement--you are a true blessing, Chelsea!

~~daily words of encouragement and frequent doses of laughter from my
   friend Deidre over at www.raisingfutureesthers.com~~ I don't think she has
   any idea what a blessing she is to others.  Sometimes I read her blog
   twice--just to make me smile!!

~~my first ever birthday gift from a student. . .and he is such a treasure!! 
   His entire family has been a blessing to me for the past two years.  Feeling
   loved!  (and in case you are wondering, it is a Carolina blue license plate
   that says #1 NC Fan!!)

 Have you been blessed today?


Piper said...

Love these posts Lynn... and I am sorry.. HAPPY LATE BIRTHDAY!!
I am sooo outta touch with the world!

~Lynn~ said...

Piper, You are right on time--today is my birthday!! :)