January 14, 2013

January's Blessings

January 11th:

Three yellow gifts of fresh mercy:

(I really had a tough time with this one. . .Wikipedia refers to "yellow" this way:

Yellow is commonly associated with gold, sunshine, reason, optimism and pleasure, but also with envy, jealousy and betrayal. It plays an important part in Asian culture, particularly in China.

. . .which did lead me to consider some blessings that I haven't actually voiced.

~~sunshine after what seemed like a really dreary day

~~my sweet Chinese student, who is growing and learning every single day, who smiles
without end, and who brings me joy, joy, joy in my classroom every minute of every hour. . .he has been a true teacher's blessing this year!!

~~God's grace in allowing me to post about feelings of envy and jealousy and about my
emotions taking over when I feel that I should be a part of things. . .and then sending sweet friends my way who gently informed me that I am not alone. . .that many women feel this way    each and every day. . .and again nudged me in the book I'm currently reading that God actually wires us to need companionship--that is why he created Eve as a companion for Adam. . .guess I wasn't that out on a limb by myself after all.

January 12th: 

Something Above~~a roof over my head that provides protection and shelter for myself and my family

Something Below~~my extended family from Concord, NC. . .they recently relocated from Fort Wayne, IN, and we are LOVING having them closer to home. . .now all of the cousins can grow up together!!

Something Beside~~my hubby relaxed and laughing during Tyler's swimming party. . .seems so rare to see him actually sit back and forget about everything for a while. . .it was nice to see.

January 13th:

Three things about myself that I am grateful for:

~~my salvation

~~my health

~~my organizational skills, especially at school (at home, maybe not so much, lol)

January 14th:

Three startling graces of God:

~~my morning went off without a single hitch. . .the kids got up without complaining, got dressed, brushed their teeth without having to be threatened asked. . .that is a rare and wonderful blessing!

~~watching my dear friend, A, as she fights her battle with breast cancer. . .what a brave face and a positive attitude God has given her.  Please lift her up in your prayers.

~~He loves ME.  He died for ME.  He adores ME.  He looks over ME.  (Do you see a pattern forming here??)  There are never going to be enough words to thank Him for all He was willing to do, just for ME.

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