January 22, 2013

January's Blessings

January 15th:

a gift worn~~my UNC lanyard given to me by my teammate and prayer warrior Sondra

a gift given away~~a sympathy basket for another teammate who lost her Grandfather this week

Violets And Butterflies Plants
Photo from www.teleflora.com

a gift shared~~the excitement Tyler had when making a math competition team at school
   that he never really thought he would make (and later this same week getting a phone
   call from his music teacher telling me how proud she is of him making All County Chorus--blessed!)

January 16th:

3 witnessed blessings:

--my boss reminding me that I need to always put myself and my health ahead of my job. . .it really is a blessing to have a Godly boss who truly believes in family first

--a friend of Tyler's coming to me to thank me for inviting him to Tyler's party last week. . .wow, I didn't know manners like that even existed anymore!

--watching Randy and Harley playing together on the iP*d, just giggling away

January 17th:

a gift bringing laughter~~snowflakes falling outside my sliding glass door. . .we've waited so long!!!

a gift bringing prayer~~a special friend in need

a gift bringing quiet~~a migraine that forced me to take the next day off to rest my mind and  my body. . .ice pack, anyone??  : /

January 18th:

3 gifts from God's word

--Hebrews 13:5b "I will never leave thee nor forsake thee. . ."

--John 3:16  "For God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten Son, that
   whosoever believeth in Him should not perish but have everlasting life."

--Psalm 121:1-2  "I will lift up mine eyes to the hills from whence cometh my help; my help cometh from the Lord which made heaven and earth. . ."

January 19th:

3 gifts that might never have been

~~special alone time with my Harley-bug. . .she had the stomach virus and was in complete  and total "Mommy-mode"

~~my marriage. . .I thank God every single day that His ways are not my ways and His
   thoughts are not my thoughts

~~having Mee Maw here with us after fighting cancer not once, not twice, but three times and coming out on top!!

January 20th:

3 gifts only seen close up

~~Harley's sweet chest slowly rising and falling after a long 24 hours of throwing up and
    finally being able to rest

~~the insides of my eyelids as God blessed me with some much needed rest after being
    sick myself then having a sick baby

~~Tippy's big brown eyes as she lay at my head at night. . .so thankful God led her to our family

January 21st:

a gift in the sky~~sweet, sweet sunshine after DAYS of rain and winter weather

a gift in the water~~a very long, very hot, uninterrupted shower (hey, those really are a

a gift in memory~~my precious daughter that is sitting with Jesus. . .I cannot wait to see her precious face

January 22nd:

a gift wrinkled~~my worn-out-but-oh-so-comfy-recliner. . .aahhhh. (well, when I get to use it, anyway!)

a gift smoothed~~my new outfit I was able to get today with a gift card from a special friend for Christmas

a gift unfolded~~a note my waitress left on the table with my bill for Tyler and I saying she hoped we had a day filled with joy. . .what an unexpected surprise!!

Have you been blessed this week?

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Piper said...

Great list Lynn!
I feel you on the migraine. 3 days is way too long!