January 11, 2013

January's Blessings

January 6th:

One thing in my bag:  my water bottle--yuck!!!  I seriously do NOT like to
   drink water. . .but with the help of my tiny little Pomegranate Lemonade
   packets, I am trying hard to be a good girl for the new year

One thing in my fridge:  ketchup--I just can't live without it; God deserves
   thanks for giving us ketchup

One thing in my heart:  the family of sweet Sam, a 3-year-old boy at Harley's
   daycare who was recently diagnosed with cancer and is currently undergoing

January 7th:

Three graces from people I love~~

1)  my kids showing me great big smiles when they saw me as they filed back
     into my classroom after our Christmas break

2)  my hubby cooking dinner, knowing my first day back would wear me out!

3)  snuggling in my bed with Harley-bug while watching a "Full House"
     marathon on television

January 8th:

Dusky Light:  everyone being at home, together, over dinner as the sun set--
   no practices, no homework, no responsibilities for a few glorious hours

Surprising Reflection:  posting about how I feel about not belonging only to
   discover from friends that I am absolutely NOT the only person that ever
   feels that way at times

Lovely Shadow:  this one was hard, and I had to think about it a long time,
   but I happened to glance down at my "Footprints" ring that my hubby got
   me for Christmas and God reminded me that I always walk in HIS lovely
   shadow~~He holds my hand, He walks by my side, and when I need Him
   to, He carries me~~but always, always, I am protected by His shadow. .
   .what a blessing!

January 9th:

A gift held~~my hubby's hand on the way to church

A gift passed by~~the Holy Spirit as it swept through church during a great
   service about the power of prayer

A gift sat with~~my adorable Chinese-speaking student during lunch time; we
   played our favorite non-language-dependent-game together. . .Rock, Paper,
   Scissors!!  I lost :-(

January 10th:

A gift sour~~tangy cheesecake hanging out in the fridge calling my name--
   just the way I like it. . .no toppings, no frills, just simple goodness!

A gift sweet~~hearing my Tyler yelling "I'm waiting to hear my song" on his
   10th birthday today

A gift just right~~re-reading my friend Deidre's love letter to her girls; I am
   always sooo blessed by her blogs and by her teachings; she means so much
   to me

How has God blessed you today??

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Piper said...

God's blessing are in abundance. And I love reading about yours!
Have a great weekend!