January 3, 2013

The Princess Turns Four

Wow, that was a hard title to write.

Four years.

Where did they go???

We started off our celebration on her actual birthday.  She wanted to go wear the big hat, so everyone headed out for a Mexican fiesta!

The traditional smashing of the dessert in the birthday girl's face :0


Feliz cumpleanos!!
We postponed the actual celebration until after Christmas. 
We grabbed the Hello Kitty cake. . .
. . .and headed off to every parent's worst nighmare Chuck E. Cheese's to celebrate.

And what better way to round out a girl's birthday celebration than. . .
. . .getting our ears pierced and pretty new flower earrings.
Can't I just put a brick on their heads????
Happy birthday, my Princess!!  You've have made the past four years unforgetable!!!

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Kerlick said...

Happy Birthday Harley!!!