January 5, 2013

January's Blessings

"Give thanks unto the Lord for He is good; His lovingkindness endures forever."
                ~~1 Chronicles 16:34~~

January 1st:
Three gifts heard:
     1)  My babies deep breathing as they slept; I quietly snuck to their bedsides as the New Year came in to thank God once more for their safety and their love for Him.

     2)  Laughter, sweet laughter.  There are times in our lives when we seem to get so busy and so wrapped up in "life" that we forget to enjoy one another and just "laugh."  I've been blessed to have more of that in my life lately.

     3)  The theme songs to "The Brady Bunch" and "Full House"--I know this is a strange one, but I am thrilled that my kids LOVE, LOVE, LOVE these shows, and I never have to worry about what they will hear or see.  Sometimes, the oldies really are the goodies!

January 2nd: 

A gift outside~~Rain!  We have been in desperate need of rain for so very long. . .

A gift inside~~rest, sweet rest. . .decorations are down, the house is cleaned, and everyone can finally just. . .be.  No place to go, nothing to do, just relax and enjoy each other's company.

A gift on a plate~~red velvet cake from my sister that we are still enjoying from Christmas!!  We've kept it in the fridge, and it seems to just keep getting better. . .yummy~~

January 3rd:
Three graces I overheard:

1)  My brother having things stolen from outside his home, but knowing that the family was protected by God

2)  The song "Blessings" on the radio as I went for an ultrasound that I had been uneasy about for some time.

3)  Words from the doctor that there is nothing seriously wrong as once thought, and that the remedy for my months of pain will be relatively simple.  Praise His name!

January 4th:

A gift old~~my sweet boy, who is leaving the ages of single digits and turning ten next week--doesn't seem too old, but I have so treasured those years with him!

A gift new~~my renewed spirit for Him; it seems I have been in a spiritual rut lately; I want to find my way back into His arms where I belong

A gift blue~~the beautiful cloudless sky that I am staring at as I type; boy, Heaven is going to be a wonderful place

January 5th:

~~Something I'm Reading:  Willie Robertson's autobiography of how his father came to know the Lord and how God has richly blessed the family with "Duck Commander."  Loving the show and the book!

~~Something I'm Making:  beginning my third quilt; I've made one that goes on my bed, one that I will be using for a lap quilt, and I am starting on the quilt for Harley. . .in pink, of course!!

~~Something I'm Seeing:  Harley praying daily for her Aunt Peggy; she has been so sick lately, and Harley will call to check on her, get on her little knees to ask Jesus to make her better, then move in to belting out songs about Jesus that she has learned in church; I so pray that God will use her in a BIG way someday.

How has God blessed you this week?

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Loved reading you post!