January 1, 2013

One Word for 2013

After much thought, prayer, and consideration, I have finally decided on my word to focus on for 2013:

I finally decided on this word for two reasons: 

1)  I need to remind myself every single day that God is faithful no matter what mistakes I make and no matter what life may throw at me that I am not expecting.

2)  I MUST be more conscientious of being faithful to Him--in my prayer life, in my walk with Him, in my Bible study, and in the way I present myself to others.

Faithfulness is definitely a two way street, and I am so ready to start my new journey of faith with Him for 2013.

I owe Melanie, over at www.onlyabreath.com a great big THANK YOU for making my Faithful button for me.  Hop on over to her blog, and she will make one for you as well!

Another new journey I want to embark on is memorizing scripture.  I've heard about Beth Moore's group of "siestas" for several years, but have always been afraid to join in.  Memory is not my strong suit. 

But, I ordered my cute little spiral. . .



. . .and I've chosen my first verse. . .one that I have turned to many times, and that I thought was an appropriate reminder of where I need to keep my focus while I try to remain faithful to Him:
"I will lift up mine eyes unto the hills from whence cometh my help.
My  help cometh from the Lord, which made Heaven and earth."
~~Psalm 121:1-2
And, I've also found a Bible reading plan that I think I can easily incorporate into my daily free time (which I also found on Melanie's website!--you really should check her out), plus a devotional book to try to begin being more diligent about my daily walk with God.
Now, deep breath.  Exhale.
I have to keep reminding myself that with God, every day is a NEW day, with NEW opportunities to show Him that I want to be a FAITHFUL follower.
What is your word for 2013???


Piper said...

Its great to see you doing One Word and SSMT!!
Please help keep me accountable!!
Thanking HIM that everyday is a new day!
Love ya!

Kimberly King said...

Love it, Love it!!! I am so excited that we are all picking our one word and getting more into the Word. You are not alone. Memorizing scripture, whew it gets even crazier as you go. But the main emphasis of the verse sticks in your mind. It is a real life changer. Love you!!!!!


Kerlick said...

mine is HOPE
sorry im a little late trying to get caught up on my blog reading...