January 16, 2013

Mid-Month Check-In

The FABULOUS Melanie over at Only A Breath is having a linky party on the 15th of each month to see how we are coming along with our "One Word" for the year.  To help keep me accountable, I thought I'd join in.

My word for 2013:

I chose this word because I feel as though my walk with Him has not been what it should be recently.  I've allowed to much "stuff" and "clutter" to take over and pushed Him to the side. 

I need to practice being more FAITHFUL to Him, for He has always been FAITHFUL to me.

I have by no means come full circle with my goals for 2013, but I have started taking some baby steps, like spending more time in prayer and memorizing scripture with a sweet friend at work helping to hold me accountable.

I really want to develop a better routine of being still and listening for Him. . .my kids and my schedule are in need of re-arranging to help me make that happen, but I am asking His guidance in opening up the door that I know I need opened to become as close closer to Him than ever before.

If you are visiting my blog for the first time, Welcome!  I hope you'll come back, and I welcome all comments--they make me feel that my time blogging is actually worthwhile!

Happy Hump Day!!



Piper said...

Great job Lynn!!
Stay focused on HIM!

Kimberly King said...

Thanks for your sweet comment to me about my brother. God is so amazing. It is no mistake that it was me for you to encourage. I tried to put my first pray on the page and it didn't work. I almost said just forget it. I pressed on and figured it out. I needed your word of encouragement. Thank You Lynn :)xo

Tamara Tipton said...

Faithful is my word too! I have been meaning to check out the other blogs who share my word, so here I am! :)
I'll be back!